Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow

This song is in the key of F. Sing do on F and sing up to mi by singing do re mi. (As explained in
the "Teacher cue section" in our books.)

Concepts: - rhythm - 6 meter
                   -pitch- five notes are used in this song: do, re, mi, fah, so (These notes are easy to
                    sing while you dance or move.)

Rhythmic preparation:
                   -The rhythm in this song is very pleasing and the children learn it easily.
                   -Have students say the words while they clap the beat - two claps per bar.
                   -Practise clapping to the beat: 2 claps per bar in 6 meter.

Melodic Preparation:
                   -You will notice that the melody in the first and second lines are identical, but the
                   second line is a half tone higher.
                   -Before teaching the actions, the students have to be able to sing the whole song.

My grade one class enjoyed this song and the actions that go with it.

Teach the actions for verses 1 and 2 with the students doing them as they stand in one spot. All actions
coincide with the beat (two beats per bar.)

When the students are ready to perform the complete song, have them stand behind a designated
partner in a circle facing in. At verse 3, the partners pair up and move around the circle.

(Words)                                                                               (Actions)                   

Verse 1: Oats, peas, beans and barley grow.                         - Stand in your own space; clap on the beat
              Oats, peas, beans and barley grow.                           and sing.
              Do you or I or anyone know,
              How oats, peas, beans and barley grow?

Verse 2: First the farmer sows his seed.                                - Hold the seed in one hand, throw on the
                                                                                              beat with the other hand.
             Then he stands and takes his ease                            - Stand, hands on hips.
             He stamps his feet and claps his hands                     - 2 stamps, 2 claps.
             And turns around to view his lands.                          - Turn in place, 4 steps, shade eyes with hand.

Verse 3: Walking with a partner                                           - Find a partner, walk and sing
             Walking with a partner                                            - Continue to walk and sing with partner
             Make a ring, oh make a ring                                    - Partners face and hold hands
             Oh while we gaily dance and sing                            - Partners circle once.

This song and game could be used as part of the curriculum requirement for "Dance" or
"movement with music" and the music is provided by the students!